1. My New Obsession: Mick Jenkins - The Water[s]

    So I recently bought a new iPod Classic off this guy on Craigslist and Ive been slowly rebuilding my music collection. Its a very exciting, exhausting, heartbreaking thing.

    Its heartbreaking because I never realized just how much music I had. Over 100 GBs of discographies, random tracks from random blogs, remixes, snippets, all sorts of unorganized odds and ends, some of which Ill never get back. 

    Its exhausting because, shit, downloading all of that music and organizing it and putting it on the ‘Pod takes time and effort. And I’m very weird with music, so a song or album that i don’t have or want will pop up in my head at any time, and Ill *need* to hear it, even waking up out of my sleep to do so. 

    Its exciting because I get to rediscover music that had been buried in my music collection for years, forgotten about until I obsess over it again for a week, or never listened to in the first place. Also, since I now have an iPod again, Ive started to partake in my favorite activity, discovering NEW music. 

    Which leads me to Mick Jenkins. I had heard of him a couple times before, his name had been on some blogs that I frequent, but I think the first time I heard of him, was this song about 6 months ago and then this song a month ago, that I went crazy over. And now Ive been listening to The Water[s] non. stop.

    Im not a music reviewer person, so I don’t have any sort of professional review to give it or anything. All I can say is that I love it dearly. Every song is dope and the detail and time he put into it is apparent. I feel like, even though Ive heard it in its entirety about 20 times now, that theres something Im missing. Themes Im not picking up on. Or maybe Im just over thinking it. 

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  2. Some shots of this little crazy thing that runs around my house


  3. Tiesha and the amazing, terrible, confusing week (May 31 - June 6)

    I know, I know, its been so looooong. It really has. So something major happened. I lost my job. Yea.

    That was a crazy week. A lot happened. And really, a lot has happened since that week also. I want to eventually cover it all, but I want to do little segments. 

    So I want to talk about that week, I guess its the week that started it all and kickstarted probably the most random summer Ive had in my whole life. No pictures this time. Just story:

    On May 31, after finally getting back to the hotel from The Roots Picnic in Philly with a bag full of Wendy’s, Erica and I sat around and talked about our jobs. I told her about how, although Im very grateful, Im not completely happy, how Im trying to leave. It was a really good talk about what we want out of life in general over frostys and burgers.

    Back at work that Monday, I walked into the kitchen and chopped it up with my friend Ryan about seeing Snoop Dogg and the Roots in Philly before starting another dragging work day. Ryan was always the person I went to to talk about hip hop, whether I had just went to a concert or fallen in love with a  new album. We had went together with his friends to a Homeboy Sandman concert a few months back. Anyway I didn’t leave work until 10pm that night, because Sean and I were busting ass on something due the next day. On Tuesday, Ryan was absent, and around noon, we all got a scary email from the CEO (who NEVER emails us). She told us to all gather together on our floor in an hour.

    In the meantime, Sean and I messaged each other about what the meeting could be about, first going to our long-running inside joke: we’re getting fired.

    This was our running joke for a couple reasons. First, what we do is very niche and sometimes hard to understand. Even when you do get the hang of things, you still never feel as if you’re doing everything right, and there is SO much room for error that you do mess up sometimes no matter what. So we often felt like we were fuck ups. But we’d be mostly joking. Second,and more seriously, the company was showing visible signs of tearing at the seams. People were getting laid off or leaving on their own all the time. Id say an average of at least one person a month since I started there in Fall 2012. We had a couple executives that only stayed a few months, some people leaving mysteriously, and just a month before, 3 designers had been cut at once. A repeat of another massive cut to the design team that had just happened half a year ago. And most recently, there had been a new initiative in the company, called “HOF”, which stood for “Hello Old Friend”. 

    HOF was announced to us at one of our morning meetings, and I thanked my lucky stars that I wasn’t picked to be apart of it. HOF was explained as an initiative to bring back old clients. The company had rebranded its services and announced a tiered approach. We had created an “economy” version of our services to bring in new, lower-end clients. Designers and project managers were told to choose a brand and basically cold call and email them, reintroducing the company and talking about our new packages. She split everyone up into 3 teams and announced rewards for whoever could get even ONE client to sign an SOW. (Basically a contract). 

    It sounded horrible. When our Director announced it in her sweet voice, she tried her best to make it sound like this cool new thing. But I, and many others, saw through the bullshit. It was desperation. It was “please work with with us again! We won’t charge you as much!” It was “save us!”.  

    At 12 o clock, everyone gathered in our couch area and waited for whatever was coming. I remember feeling annoyed because I wanted to make this tiny change in a PSD and I hated being pulled away from my work when I only had a little bit left. 

    Our CEO, Cofounder, Financial Lady, and Director got off the elevator. Our CEO, usually so poised, elegant and beautiful that she has an article in Forbes thats primarily focused on her wardrobe, had been sobbing. Her face was red and she only stopped wiping her nose to tell us that the company has tried to expand and couldn’t. That the industry hasn’t yet caught on to what we were doing. That they had to make tough decisions.

    Sometimes, when Im worried, when I dont know whats going to happen, I get this feeling. its similar to my body being slowly filled with ice water. My arms got cold, and the cold crept up my neck..

    “The executive team is taking pay cuts, and a group of us are leaving today”.

    I immediately knew some people were getting let go, I just didn’t know who. At this point the team was so small that I couldn’t think of anyone who wasn’t crucial. 

    “So everyone go back to your desks, and some of you will be hearing from us shortly”

    Usually after a meeting like that, afterwards everyone bursts out talking and laughing as we walk to our desks. This time it was dead silent. I sat back down and immediately got back to what I had been working on.

    An email came through addressed to me and 4 other designers: “All, please come to the 18th floor”. We all saw who got it, I locked eyes with another emailee, Alix. I quickly messaged Sean “Its me, Im getting fired”, got up, and walked with Alix to the elevator. I didn’t wait for his response. We all met up at the elevator, the 5 of us. The doomed ones. We knew what was happening. As we waited in the elevator, we didn’t talk to each other, just made faces, rolled eyes, shook our heads. 

    We all sat in our large conference room. The 5 of us on one side of the long white table, together. The CFO on the other, tall windows behind her. It was a really good view. She was sitting in almost the same place my coworker Eric was when I had my first interview with him over Skype. I remember staring at the view behind him, at the buildings, imagining myself being there and looking out of those windows, hoping and praying that I got this New York job. 

    I was very calm, I barely talked, as she explained our last day of employment and severance pay.  The only time I spoke up to ask about the money which, at that point, was the only reason I was still at the company anyway. She left and we all had a moment to talk amongst each other. One person was really mad, but I had a sort of delayed reaction, and I was really mostly worried about income. 

    Id be wrong to leave out this little tidbit, I did get emotional our Director when I had my one-on-one chat with her. I had an emotional moment when I thought about the possibility of me having to go back to Georgia. She explained to me that I wouldn’t, that they’d help me with whatever reference or review I needed. I don’t want to say I cried. I maybe just cry talked for a couple sentences then kept it together. 

    Afterwards we all went a bar to get drinks, and there I met people from the other departments who had got let go, including Eric, who had been with the company for 8 years. Everyone was so funny. We joked about work and free time and a couple of other previous firees joined us.

    I have to say, sitting at a table with a bunch of other people who got laid off too, beats walking home alone with my thoughts, even though I knew Id have to eventually. As much as everyone else joked about having free time, my body wouldnt let me. My wheels were already turning. Already figuring out my next move.

    On the train ride home, I tried to chill. I tried to think about all the shit I could do with my free time, all the books I could read. All the *sleep*, I had been complaining about my lack of sleep.

    When I got off, I stopped at the grocery store and got a bunch of junk food. My plan was to lay in bed and fuck around on my phone while eating them. 100% carefree.

    Instead, I hit the job boards. I had about 40 tabs open when I finally stopped. I didnt apply to any, I didnt have a dedicated place online to lead people to look at my (recent) work. So I finally allowed myself a break. I thought about the two checks I still had coming and how far that could carry me and I figured I could give myself a week to just build my portfolio and job window shop. Friday was, after all, Outkast, and I couldn’t afford to be stressed that day, I had a lot to do. Friday was going to be awesome.

    Thursday night, my friend Rebecca flew in for Outkast. I told her about my job and we talked about being in “the matrix” and how we both feel that a 9-5 Monday - Friday isnt a good structure, an expansion of the conversation I had just had with Erica in Philly days before. Justin, Rebecca, Mike and I, had a good ole “fuck everything” smoke session before I went to bed early in preparation for the next day.

    The next morning I woke up early and headed to Governors Ball. I was the 4th person in the venue and was first row for Outkast, who, fortunately and unfortunately, were the last act to perform. I stood from 12pm to 11:00pm. Enduring every act and every intermission before OutKast. Being smushed up against that front rail, with aching muscles, but never moving. At some point during the last intermission before Outkast, I got a text from Sean that Ryan had died.

    Were still not sure how. I think he had died Thursday and had been found in his apartment the next day. The apartment in Union Square that he had recently bought. I had been in his apartment where we smoked and drank before the Homeboy Sandman show. I had to find this out *right* before Outkast.

    I thought happy thoughts and enjoyed my favorite group. And BOY did I enjoy them. All that standing was worth it. Best time Ive ever had.

    The trip home was grueling on my sore, aching legs, but I made it home at around 2am, and didnt wake up the next day until noon-1pm.

    Then it was crunch mode. I was about 75% done setting up my Behance profile. On Monday I planned to start sending out applications rapid fire.

    And thats my crazy week. Loss of a job, loss of a friend, and I saw my favorite group live. I promise a more painstakingly detailed account of Governors Ball in my next post, then I want to cover all these interviews, and job leads, and freelance, and jobs I’ve had and how I am, at the time of me writing this, full-time again but still looking for something else. 



  4. Ramblings

    Lets start this out with a picture of the first frittata I ever made. This shit was so good. I went into it not knowing what would happen, but it came out of the oven beautifully. I learned that there’s no wrong way to make a fritatta. You can throw whatever you want in it. I basically stuffed mine with some leftover chicken from something I’d previously made, sausage, turkey bacon, regular bacon, peppers, chives, an assortment of spices, and a little bit of honey. After I fed The Boy, I cut a piece, plated it on my favorite stark white IKEA plates, and began to take pictures and edit it for a full 15 minutes before I even took a bite. And it was fan. tas. tic. Ive really been getting into cooking for myself when I can. Its fun and opens you up to new ingredients. Plus if youre always on the brink of being broke like me, it saves money. Especially when you work in a part of Manhattan where a salad can easily run you a smooth $12. And you know what I fuck with extra hard now? Muthafuckin Bay Leaves. But I digress….

    Its been over a month since Ive blogged but I honestly dont have very many major updates. Its safe to say that the sun is officially out though, so Ive started crawling out of my hole. For one, I got a bike.

    I havent been able to ride it these past 3 (three? Yikes) weeks for one reason or another. Usually too busy. Ugh. But when I do ride, I love it. I love the burn in my thighs and the wind on my face and i love riding down block after block of gorgeous brownstones. Brooklyn is such a pretty ass place. 

    Ive been slacking on my exercise so hard. Idk what my deal is. Justin and I have been riding together a few times and its been really fun. We just cruise around Bed Stuy, talking, getting things off our chest. Same shit we’ve been doing since 7th grade, really. 

    Work has been fine. Ive been over it for months now but I cant complain much more than that. Its good income in my field, easy work. This doesnt mean Im comfortable, no. My portfolio is actually online! Under a shitty free domain name that no one will guess, giving me the time to play with the code and make sure its perfect before I take it public for real for real. In the meantime Ive completely overhauled and updated my Behance portfolio (still under construction) and started a dedicated Tumblr where I post WIPs and other little things im working on. Just know that I have a plan for the next few months. 

    Theres a 100-days challenge going on at work. Some people are doing a chosen task every day for 100 days. I chose to design. Im sticking to my word, too. Its a good exercise.

    The apartment has changed ever so slightly. Ive begun painting my room a really deep dark purple. I don’t have a picture of the full room because Im only halfway done. My room is so big (I know, right) that I actually needed twice as much paint as I thought. Of course, once i was done, the last thing on my mind was going and buying more paint, so Ive pushed the completion of the project to this weekend.

    I do have a small consolation. A random picture I took of my jewelry area to see if my phone could catch the color right. Its blurry. Ugh. I kind of want a real camera now.

    Ive also starting putting up some nice triangle decals in the hallway. Not sure how I feel about them. They may be transferred to the ceiling of the kitchen. 

    Anyway, I hate doing long posts without more than a couple images to break things up and give the eye a bit of rest so I will resume this next weekend where Im sure Ill have a good recap of my birthday, Mike’s two (2!) engineering job interviews he has later this week, updated pictures of my purple room, Godzilla, and whatever the hell else I’m starting to have going on now that the weather is nice. 


  5. I was afraid to check this blog and see how long it has been since I had posted. Has it really been a month? Argh. Update by this weekend, I swear it. 


  6. The Great Pre-Spring Sickness

    After getting sick twice through the winter season last year, I expected this year to be the same. After being absolutely miserable during Christmas Break because i was sick and had a tooth ache, I figured it would only be a matter of time before #2 came rolling around. So I was pleasantly surprised when March came around and I hadn’t gotten sick again. I figured i was adjusting to the weather here. That my blood was thickening up. And then, the coughing came. 

    I just remember that I had never coughed that hard in my life. It was painful. It hurt my chest, it made the veins on the side of my head throb, every cough felt like I was swallowing a spiked bat. This lasted for about 3 days. Then I woke up on a Thursday morning and I felt like I had been hit by a train. 

    I emailed my job and told them I wasn’t coming in, but that I’d see them tomorrow. That day, I laid around on the couch and eventually Mike showed up with his gaming PC in tow (which now lives at my place, he’s slowly moving in with me). I eventually got the courage to walk with him to the store to buy a second chair for the work area. It was a dumb decision. It was about a 3 long block walk on the coldest day of the week. I had forgotten my scarf, and I was really sick. But i didn’t want him to buy an ugly chair and then have to deal with it being here. *sigh* 

    That night, I got worse. I coughed and sneezed, my head was throbbing. When Mike came to bed that night, he wrapped his arm around my waist like he usually does, and immediately commented on how warm I was. I coughed and sneezed and sniffed into the night. Finally, he told me to take my temperature because I was very hot. So I did. It was 101.4. I had a fever. But I was freezing. I had the chills. 

    That night, I could barely sleep. I kept having to pee and otherwise, the sneezing, coughing, headache, and chills kept me up. I emailed my job, apologized, and said I wouldn’t be in the next day either.

    The worst part of that night was the work. Missing work on Friday meant missing an important meeting where I was presenting 4 new templates that i was supposed to have been working on on Thursday. This meeting had been pushed and pushed and pushed because of everyones workload, but we had all finally settled on Friday. I couldn’t let them down and let the meeting get pushed again, and so I worked under conditions I hopefully have to never work under again. I finished the template, and slinked back to bed. Mike held me the whole night. He’s a great guy. 

    I spent most of Friday horizontal on the couch watching Pokemon. Mike made pancakes that I barely ate. Everytime he mentioned food, I felt like he was asking me to run a marathon. It made me tired to even think about eating. As a result, by the time Sunday rolled around, I had lost 6 lbs. Of course it was all water weight and its all back now. 

    After a couple more horrid, snot-filled days, I was fine to go back to work. Of course, I still have this shitty cough. Now its not as damaging, but it comes in very long, very loud fits that I cannot prevent or stop once they’ve started. More than once Ive had a fit on the train and had everyone slowly move away from me. Tonight while riding home, I only coughed once, so hopefully its the beginning of the end. 

    Ive never had the flu before, but I can definitely tell you it makes for a very shitty time. 

  7. Finished my landing page mock! 

    This is the plan for V1 of my portfolio website. I think as I learn to code more and more, Ill want to change some functionality or make it cooler, but right now this is a perfect starting place.

    Ill be learning to code this while designing other pages of the site, sort of parallel pathing. 


  8. Humbling my tits

    Man, this weekend we stayed inside pretty much both days and just watched Pokemon Indigo (It’s on Netflix now). I didnt want to do anything, I wanted to spend a minimum amount of money because I wanted to even things out from spending SO MUCH FUCKING MONEY last weekend.

    Ugh! Ok so a couple of weeks ago, I reluctantly agreed to go out to eat for Restaurant Week. Restaurant Week is basically a week of very expensive, top-notch restaurants in the city offering huge discounts on a fixed menu, usually multiple courses. The set price is $25 for lunch and $38 for dinner. I was hesitant to do this for multiple reasons:

    • Expensive restaurants usually means ridiculously small servings (so what if the food is pretty, I want to EAT)
    • Who the fuck do I think I am paying $38 for a dinner full of teeny, servings? Diddy? 

    I got into it for a second though, I wanted to have the experience. I figured I’d do it once and never do it again. So I went ahead with it, dreading the expense.

    The dinner was set for last Sunday.

    So Ive been trying to cook a lot more cool shit, trying to teach myself to cook different things and eat different things. Friday night, I made Turkey Pastelon. It was pretty good. Later I was browsing Craigslist for a coffee table (I was set on buying someone’s old table, idk why) and I come across this cute little mixed media coffee table. The posting said it was from IKEA, but I had never seen it before. It had a wooden top with metal legs and it was a decent price ($50). I searched the web for about an hour trying to figure out what the model was and what year it was released but I found nothing. The only time we could settle on was that Sunday at noon for me to come pick it up. Mike and I took a bus across Bed-Stuy to Prospect Heights and walked a couple blocks to this guy’s magnificent apartment (exposed wooden beams, wooden columns). He helped us carry the table out into the hallway. We called a van, put the table in the back seat, and now its here and its awesome!


    After posting the table on the IKEA Fans website for identification, I learned that the table is actually from the first IKEA PS collection released in 1995. Its practically ancient. And its in great condition. A few little scratches here and there, but hey, the table is 19-years-old. Also, despite the table being IKEA, its actually pretty big and heavy (Mike and i thought we may be able to take it back on the bus but we nixed that plan the second we lifted it), and I also don’t even think it was pieced together like most IKEA furniture. Its put together so well it seems like it was bought as one piece. I consider this a steal. Its an awesome table, everyone loves it, its sturdy as fuck, and its really cute. I think this is my best Craigslist find yet. Cant wait to stick a carpet under there, though Justin likes the wood on wood look. I like it too, so ill just have to find a carpet I like more. 

    So the apartment is inching along! I promise Ill take some pictures soon. just a few more things I want to get. 

    After laying around on the couch for a while, listening to Mike play guitar and watching Duckie sniff the new table, I got up and got dressed for dinner. 

    I wore a flowy, thin white tee, a skirt Ive had for years that I got on sale from Target, and the best tights on Gods green earth.

    Pause. Because listen, I am fat ok? Im working on it, but right now, Im fat. And while its not super hard to find clothes, its SUPER hard to find tights that don’t roll down during the day. Even the tights I got from ASOS, which I thought would be really good, failed me. They failed me hard. I had just about given up on buying tights. I thought my dreams of wearing skirts and rompers with tights and chucks or booties was just that..a dream. Until last week when I was at H&M (buying a pair of jeans that are my size but run small but don’t quite fit so now they’re my weight loss jeans), I gambled again and picked up a pair of their plus sized tights. I wore them the night of the dinner and OMG. No rips, no rolls, perfect fit. I almost cried when I first pulled them on. And I got 2 pair for only 13 fucking dollars. Bitch.

    Anyway, my excitement over my outfit quickly faded by the time we got to the restaurant. The place was all cute and shit and just smelled expensive. *sigh*

    Mike and I agreed that Ill foot the dinner bill if he helps out on the groceries, which was fine. He doesn’t make as much money (or any money really, he’s a student) as me, and I wanted him to come. I had been complaining about how much everything was going to add up to, so we agreed ahead of time to not order any sides or drinks. 

    But oh, whaddaya know, my side and drink ordering friends decided to split the bill 3 ways anyway, and I ended up paying more than I intended. Not wanting to be that guy, I just went ahead and paid. But *sigh*.

    It was my own fault, ya know. Just growing up the way I did, I just always err on the side of cheapness, no matter how much money Im making. I mean…yea I have a lot of Apple products, but I’d much rather spend money on that than like…



    But whatever. The dinner is done. I had a good time seeing my friends and eating overpriced food. Everything was perfect except the bill haha. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that i was losing grip though. I am still poor at heart. And I like having that mentality, it helps me make the most of the money I make. 

    That night, I made a bunch of quinoa salad with grapes and chicken to eat for lunch at work. I made too much actually, its a week later and I still have a lot left. It wasn’t one of my better recipes, I won’t make it again. Its good though, just not…that good.

    Anyway, Justin came back from a week of being in Georgia on Tuesday night. After he worked his shift, he came over around 11pm and showed me all of the video and photos he took while back home. It felt so good to be around Justin, watching videos of our friends, of his parents, hearing their accents, and smoking. I felt grounded again. I told him how I had just spent $112 on a dinner 2 nights before and how it made me feel like a fucking asshole, how Ive been taking work way too seriously and how I felt like i hadn’t had time to relax. We talked about everything. It dawned on me that we’ve been doing this with each other in some form or fashion for a decade. Im really glad to have him around.

    Then the next morning I realized that he took my lighter and I was pissed. 

    He always fucking does that shit!

    After that, the work week was a breeze. I worked, didn’t let myself get sucked in, and before I knew it, Thursday was here. I left work early, and Mike and I went to Colbert!


    (my god, his beard looks extra red here haha)

    Afterwards, Mike wanted to look for a hard-to-find honey mead that I’d been really wanting to try ever since we’d heard about it. Luckily, there was a liquor store a few blocks down from the Colbert Studios that happened to carry it, he bought that, then we were walking to the train when we found this Amish Market. We walked in and I fell in love with their honey selection alone. He asked me if I wanted a jar and I was about to pick out a jar that had the comb still in it when the word “ginger” caught my eye. On a higher shelf, I saw a glass bottle of ginger. syrup. I put the honey back, grabbed it off the shelf, and showed it to Mike, holding it like a precious artifact. 

    We got home and immediately poured glasses of Tej and watched the episode of Colbert we were just on. 

    That Saturday morning, I woke up and cooked a full breakfast. I was ready for that ginger syrup and I wanted to do it justice.

    I cleared all of the empty glasses, nail polish remover and random bullshit off the table, folded some napkins into triangles because Im fancy, and put two plates of pancakes, sausages, scrambled eggs and grits down. We also had some iced coffee that i had brewed the night before in the french press and let cool overnight in the fridge. I placed the precious ginger syrup in the center of the table and Mike and I set down and chowed down while watching like 5 episodes of Pokemon. It was a glorious morning. 

    Later that day, Mike wanted to go get some of his favorite beer. It’s pretty expensive, but he found a store on Bedford that sells it for cheap. Bedford Ave is about 10 long blocks (the equivalent of 20 regular blocks) away. We decided to walk it, the weather was decent enough.

    It took us about 30 minutes. It was nice and scenic, with brownstones to our left and right the entire way. We talked about owning one, what we would do if we had a million dollars and a lot of other randomness and then we were there. Then we walked all the way back, stopping at a grocery store along the way. We walked a total of 4 miles and it was great.  


    About a block away from home, I passed by these cool buildings, and took this awesome picture. 

    That night, I made Mustard Roasted Chicken and we crashed.

    This morning, i signed up for a new gym opening just 3(!!) short blocks away from my apartment. A 2 minute (tops) walk! Its the same price per month as my current gym, I had to do it. This way Ill be in there a lot more often. I dont have to worry about bringing my gym bag to work, or even a gym bag at all. I can just walk home after the gym! Im also super lazy about getting to my current gym and I give myself the excuse of having to get on the train. Im terrible. So with this, theres no excuses. Im so excited for this. It doesn’t open until June, so Im keeping my membership at my current gym until then. 

    the rest of the day was a normal Sunday, more Pokemon, talking shit with Mike, and lounging around, preparing my fucks for work tomorrow.

    Im a little excited though because just an hour ago, I finished cooking these babies, which will be my lunch this week:


    Tilapia fish cakes!  

    I just ate one of the finished ones and they are soooooooooo good. I will be making these again and again. 

    This weekend felt nice and full. The weather is showing signs of easing up, which, in turn, means Im going out more and having some fun.

    Next week I think Im finally going to paint my room. 

    Mike is calling me George R.R Martin because this Tumblr post is running so long. So Im going to step away from the computer and kick his ass. 

    Excuse me. 

  9. First mock of my site Im planning. This one is a little airy and girly for me, but I like it. I figure Ill do some more mocks before finding my fit. (I did not create that logo, its just a placeholder)


  10. Year of the grownup.

    Happy Valentines Day!

    So much is happening. This winter is still raging on. It snowed last night for the second time in 2 days. And it’s going to snow again tomorrow. The cold has forced me inside where I’ve mostly been eating, pinning, and hanging with Mike watching movies. [Wolf of Wall Street is sooooooo good]

    This is only my second Valentines Day where I had an actual Valentine that was a person who was into me. [Even though, due to some strange circumstances, I wonder if the first guy was REALLY into me at that time]. 

    This is my first Valentine’s Day where my Valentine was actually my boyfriend and I have to admit, its kind of nice. 

    We exchanged presents on Tuesday because…well idk why. Maybe he was just anxious to give me the things he had bought me. Some of my presents included a 1984 [my favorite book] shirt and a shitload of those heart candies because I told him that I love them.

    I got him some clothes. I always poke fun at him for owning like 4 shirts and 1 pair of jeans haha.

    Tonight were staying in, its shitty outside, theres grey slush everywhere. We’re just going to watch movies and Im going to bring home some sake since he’s been dying to try it. We’ll probably go to the Hayden Planetarium and out to eat at some point this weekend. I really appreciate that he’s into the same lame shit Im into. Last night we played Backgammon, it was great.

    Not to say that we’re boring. But the combination of the snow, plus us being homebodies anyway, leads to a lot of nights in with food, the cat, TV, and each other. Ive learned that he is just so incredibly smart.  

    Ive also been becoming a grown up. Ill be 26 in April and Im really trying to be smart with my money. Ive been studying the Personal Finance subreddit, which is actually a great tool, tons of information. 

    I recently got a good grasp on something I thought I’d never understand: medical insurance. I upgraded mine to a better plan and actually understood WHY it was better. 

    ive set up a hair schedule that Ive been forcing myself to follow as closely as I can [there will probably be some slacking because of work, etc]

    I set up a savings account that has a high APY. 

    I even know what APY MEANS. Ive set up a direct deposit to go into the savings account every paycheck. I want to save minimum $1000/year. 

    I hope I get to find out about my raise soon! With rent, bills, debt, food, and savings, a little extra money couldn’t hurt. 


    Ive painted a dark teal accent wall in the living room and added a curtain. I hate moving at this glacial pace when it comes to the apartment, but its the best I can do right now, so I have to be okay with it. 

    Aaaand I have an iMac on the way. Bought it last night. Ive been on Pinterest meticulously curating my “workspaces” board, trying to find the perfect setup so I can tweak it and make it my own. Since the computer is coming, the workspace will be the next space in the apartment I focus on setting up. I also want to paint my bedroom within the next two weeks because Id like to start work in there soon as well. 

    *sigh* Money.


    Anyway, here’s a blurry cute picture of my babies [I could really use Justin’s new DSLR camera when i take pictures for my blog]. Cant wait to see them tonight. This pic was taken before I threw the tapestry and the lights up behind the couch. They make a hell of a difference.


    More of my cat because fuck you, she’s adorable.

    Ok. Off to get through this work day and go and have a great weekend.